About Us

From the beginning, our mission at Urban Wolfe is to help end animal cruelty and rescue dogs. It's our passion, our mission, the reason why we exist! Dogs around the world need our help and we are determined to help as much as possible. We donate a portion of all sales to our organization of choice. We want you to spoil your pup and help save other mutts with us. Together we can make a huge difference.

Humane Society International Logo

The organization we donate to is Humane Society International. We picked this organization because they do an INCREDIBLE job rescuing dogs and other animals around the world. Their mission is to "work around the globe to promote the human-animal bond, rescue and protect dogs and cats, improve farm animal welfare, protect wildlife, promote animal-free testing and research, respond to natural disasters and confront cruelty to animals in all of its forms," (https://www.hsi.org).

Thank you for helping us with our mission to save dogs around the world! Please hug, kiss, cuddle and spoil your furbaby every single day! They are lucky to have you and a forever home. Being a dog mom (or dog dad!) is the best feeling in the world. Now go spoil your pups!